Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cheers, Trajan Style

While we were in Dallas, we spent some time with my pseudo-aunt and her family.  Pseudo-aunt means she was one of my grandparents' exchange students during high school, but I've known her my whole life.  They came into the states from various European locations to drive Route 66 in RVs.

We went out to eat with her and Trajan asked to sit next to my cousin Matthew.  Now, Matthew is a pretty cool guy, but definitely from a preschoolers perspective.  He played professional baseball, is in great shape, smart and just all-around a good guy.  See:

Now my favorite memory of the two of them together was when the food arrived.  Trajan picked up his cheeseburger, looked at Matthew who also got a cheeseburger and said, "Cheers!"  Matt looked confused for a half-second then picked up his cheeseburger and bumped burgers with Trajan saying, "Cheers!"  He followed this up with the statement, "Cheers, not just for drinks anymore." 

This really amused the heck out of me.

I sadly didn't get a shot or video of the actual event, but you can see from Trajan's face how much fan Matt is for him.  Just wish we got to see him more often!


  1. we have one of these guys too. "Uncle Ben". He is awesome because he lives far away, but comes to visit and stays the whole day, going to the Zoo or Great America with us. He talks to the kids like they are grown ups, which they love. And he does weird things like throw sugar packets at Mom when she gets up from the table to use the bathroom at IHOP. Glad you have one too.

  2. "Cheers, not just for drinks anymore."

    Ha ha ha. I love it!