Thursday, November 10, 2011

The boy behind the baby

In the last week or so, the boy that is going to replace the baby that we have known as Chiron has started to be be occasionally visible.  He's still definitely a baby, but the glimpses of the boy are coming more and more often.

This was his first time in a grocery cart.  And yes, he managed to maintain this level of joy for more than a full hour and wanted to stay longer!

He's definitely still a little guy, 15.5 pounds or about 7 kilograms, but he is getting much better at control of his movements, gross and fine.

He's also getting better at eating.  He is gagging and vomiting a lower percentage of the time now.  Despite this improvement, they decide to schedule a esophagogastroduodenoscopy for Monday.  The reason behind it is that he is still underweight (failure to thrive is a mean sounding term), has had some weird absorption issues show up in his blood and has had the gagging and vomiting issue.  I believe we aren't expecting to turn up anything that will change anything we are doing.  But in the case that something did show up, what "it" would be is something that we want to know.  Main negative is it does require general anaesthesia.

Right now, I dub a meal to be done when I run out of towels and bibs from catching vomit, but hopefully this will soon be a thing of the past!

We are loving the hints of the boy that are coming out and can't wait to see more as he continues to develop and master new skills! He next goes to the developmental pediatrician at the one-year mark where we are hoping he will be closer to his calendar age than his adjusted age in terms of milestones.  A couple weeks ago when we went he was about halfway between them on most dimensions.

Serious Progress, huh?

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