Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tastiness and Preemie Superheroes!

Continuing our weekend of fun and service, we met friends at Fonda San Miguel on Sunday for brunch and followed it up with attending the Preemie Power event!

Fonda San Miguel is a fantastic mexican restaurant in town that is also special to us as it is where we had our rehearsal dinner.  They've got a great Sunday brunch, but it's pretty pricey, so we don't go often.  So, when friends who love Fonda San Miguel were in town for the weekend and asked us if we wanted to go to it with them, we jumped at the option.

Our friends were running late, so we got to spend some fun time playing with Paco, the parakeet.  And the boys played with each other.  It was great food, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.  They even had some corn tortillas that our waiter was able to assure us were wheat/dairy/egg/soy free and so Chiron even got to snack!  He probably would have liked some of the other foods, but we would have needed to get confirmation on allergens and he seemed happy with the tortilla, so we didn't worry about it.

From there, we left and drove around to give Chiron an opportunity to get a nap in before the party.  Filling up on gas, running little errands, more or less making up things just to pass time while he slept.  Then we headed to the Preemie Power Family Celebration!

I had gotten capes made on Etsy.  I had started just wanting a cape for Chiron that complimented the dogtag on his Scrappy Doo costume, but decided Trajan might want a cape of his own and then decided to just order them for all four of us!  Chiron's costume had an SD on it like the dogtag and the other three had X's as we were his X-men (get it, Greek Chi?).

We knew Chiron was one of the finalists for his age group, but we also found out that he had won the Thundering Thurston Award for receiving the most online votes (4,162!) as well as the award for raising the most money in our fundraising campaign. And, he was selected by the judges as the Preemie of the Year in the 0-12 month category!
It was a great time for all of us, with a fun play area that was appropriate to Chiron, bounce castle and slide for Trajan, a balloon artist, music, cake, pinatas and more!  One funny bit is that I actually learned that Chiron had won his division after pretty much everyone else in the room.  They had been announcing the finalists and I got distracted when they announced him with the wrong last name and so was talking to someone and didn't notice that he had won!

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  1. Congratulations, Chiron!!!! Congratulations to Mom and Dad, too. We already know our little ones are awesome, but isn't it great when the world recognizes?