Tuesday, November 22, 2011


After the Little Helping Hands service project, we headed out to get a bite to eat and then headed to a charity fundraiser called Touch-a-Truck.

Chiron had a great time sitting in a high chair and eating some shredded mexican chicken at the restaurant before we went to touch the trucks:

Trajan was so excited that eating was harder for him, but he at least ate tortillas and queso.  Not particularly healthy, but sufficient to stave off hunger.

There were so many different kinds of vehicles!  A whole section of military vehicles down from Fort Hood, fire trucks and ambulances, police vehicles, garbage trucks of various types, construction vehicles, a party bus, a limo and more!

Once we had wrapped around to the end, we stopped for Trajan and Paul to have some ice cream and I told Trajan that Chiron wanted to know what his favorite was.  He responded with, "the ice cream truck!"
I talk "for" Chiron to Trajan reasonably often.  Is this weird or do others of you do this as well?

One of the military trucks was a digger type thing (you'd think I'd have the names of construction vehicles down by now, but sadly I don't) and we took a picture of Chiron in the scoop.  I put it on Facebook and a friend captioned it as looking like the soldier had pooped him out, but in a cute way.  See for yourself:

Doesn't he look tiny?

The firetruck was perhaps Trajan's favorite to climb in and he was further amused when he got out and saw that the front had a mustache!

It was a great time and for a good cause as all proceeds went to the Austin Children's Shelter!


  1. That's such a cool event! (And I love the picture of Chiron in the scooper!)

    I have seen a few blogger friends in other cities post pictures about Public Works Day (or something like that), when there are all sorts of vehicles on display for kids. I've really got to look for something like that in our area...I know our girls would love it.

  2. It's like a little boy's heaven! And also Trajan and I are made for each other, because the ice cream truck would SO be my favorite.