Monday, November 7, 2011

EEGs for fun!

Trajan has now managed to get not one, but two EEGs in his life despite probably never needing any.

The first time is because one of his teachers at day care maintained that he had had a three-minute seizure prior to six months.  This earns you an immediate trip to the neurologist (even if you really don't think she makes sense/you believe her) and an EEG.  So we went to the neurologist a day after he turned six months:

At this age, they have to sleep during it, so we had kept him up for a few hours before hand.  He was a really good sport about it:

The results at this time were normal and the doctor said that he wouldn't say she was lying, but that perhaps she confused the jerkiness that all babies can have with a seizure.  It's something called myoclonus if I remember right.  So, he was released from the neurologist!

Then, last spring we started having some behavior problems with him. We were in the pediatrician's office when one occurred and she thought it looked more like a prefrontal cortex seizure or some term like that and so referred us back to the neurologist.  It takes a long time to get into the neurologist, even having seen them before, so it took six months until we finally got into our appointment last week.  This time he got to do the entire thing awake. 

He was really, really good throughout the entire thing.  Still when we was supposed to be, tolerant through the strobe lights and even hyperventilated for us for the three solid minutes as they requested.

The results this time?  Another normal EEG.  And after waiting six months to get in, the doctor got called away to an emergency and so we weren't able to see him.  The results were normal enough that the PA and I agreed that we didn't need to reschedule him to see the doctor at this time, but that since the description the pediatrician had sent sounded so much like seizure activity, to call her if the episodes resume and they would work him in at lunch almost immediately.

Fun times with EEGs!
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  1. Scary-looking wires and probey things. Ugh! But you seem to have lucked out in the kid department! Both times he behaved well during that?? You are blessed!