Thursday, November 24, 2011

Weekend Reflection

The weekend of November 11-12 was obviously a busy and fun weekend for our family, as you can probably tell from the last few posts, and this has led me to a bit of reflection.

There may be something wrong with me, but I didn't shed a tear the entire weekend.  I laughed, I celebrated and even the mourning was with a smile.  I mentioned her to others and we honored her as part of our fundraising team for Hand to Hold. 

I smiled for what she was, for what she could have been and what we dreamed for her.

I smiled as I listened to Chiron laugh for 15 straight minutes to his big brother in the back seat.

I smiled as we had one Preemie of the Year recognized rather than two.

I smiled as Trajan explained to me that he was looking at a cloudset which is when there's a cloud and the color change of the sky with the sun going down is behind it and then proceeded to make up a song about cloudsets.

I smiled as friends remembered us with cards, flowers, comments and just mentioning her name.  I smiled as we celebrated all that he have to be thankful for.  I smiled as I discussed her brief life with a reporter who was wanting to know more about Chiron for a story on the Preemie Power event.

Will I always miss her?  Yes, but I'm to a point of celebrating and I'm grateful for that.

And for all of you.

Someone I only know virtually made this in honor of Aurelia and really made me smile. I think it's the same as when her name was written in the sand, this enhanced my feeling of her "realness".

And I also think it's fitting that I'm setting this to publish on Thanksgiving.  Several people have mentioned Chiron as something I'm thankful for this year, and while they are correct, I'm also thankful for Aurelia's existence.  She was.  She mattered.  And I am thankful.


  1. Such a beautiful image. She was. She mattered.
    Glad that you celebrated and honored your daughter, Aurelia. Remembering with you xo

  2. Crying over here at work, thanks!!!!!! :-)