Monday, November 14, 2011


Round four is apparently the magic number. Chiron is back for his esophagogastroduodenoscopy. Good news is his bloodwork allowed it to actually happen this time. Not only that, but he had a hemoglobin of 12.9! That's the highest we have seen anytime in the last few months. And his prothrombin time was good, I can't remember the number but it was 11-12 seconds with an INR of 1.1!

"Does this gown make my head look big?"

He was a really good sport about being woken up early and brought down here and going through all the pre-op stuff. Two hours of being awake, but not being allowed to eat. He was staying happy in the pre-op room as long as I was walking, bouncing, patting and humming, but cried like a baby when I handed him over to the nurse to carry back.

I think I just heard an announcement at the nurses station that they were finished in OR 2 and moving to recovery.

I find it interesting that he goes through four rooms: a pre-op area, an operating room, recovery level one with just medical staff and then recovery level two with parents.

I'm hanging out in his recovery level two room:

He's still in recovery one, but his surgeon just came by and the scope part of it was gorgeous. Esophagus entirely recovered, nice pyloric opening and just generally looked good.

Almost as cute as ultrasounds, right? ;-).

His GI did say that he wasn't excited about what he weighed in at, but we would wait and see what he weighs next week at his appointment on their scale.

And he's here, so live blogging stops ;-)
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  1. Wow, now that's a part of a person you never do expect to see!

    Glad it all went well!

  2. Way to have a nice looking esophagus little man. Great news.

  3. He looks so peaceful drinking that bottle. I'm gonna pray for you that this eating thing gets better soon and very soon. As a Mom, I know there are precious few things that can worry you more than thinking your child is not getting enough to eat! P.S. One day, when he is a teenager, eating you out of house and home, you will look back on these days and say, "Seriously??"

  4. Glad to see that sweet baby enjoying his milk. Hope everyone rests well tonight!

  5. So glad to hear the results were good yesterday morning and that precious little baby finally got his breakfast! Great getting to meet you're adorable family at Preemie Power too - keep up the great work, Momma!

  6. Good news is always uplifting. Hate seeing him bandaged up, but know it is good. Let all of us know his weight next week. Want to see a thriving baby now:)

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