Friday, November 4, 2011

Dentist and Work

Chiron had his first dentist appointment on Thursday.  It was at 9:30, so I was going to drop him off, go to work for an hour, pick him back up and then go when a coworker mentioned she hadn't gotten to see him in a while and so I decided just to bring him in with me.

He had a great time playing and meeting folks:

Origami King Tut Mask is so tasty!
And yes, that's my desk that is completely overrun wtih papers.

I did find one thing particularly amusing.  There was a professional exam being administered in our office and the signs warning people in the area to be quiet had not gotten put up and so our receptionist asked if I could do it when I was on my way out.  It for some reason amused the heck out of me that she was sending a baby to put up signs telling people to be quiet including directly on the door of the conference room where the test was taking place.  Of course, Chiron is so easy going that I wasn't really worried.  He didn't make noise other than babbling the whole hour and change we were in the office.  It was just the premise that tickled my funny bone.

Then is was off to the dentist!  He was tucked in the sling and the women in the front office all came around to look at him, which earned them bonus points in my book for appreciating his awesomeness.

You might be asking why I was at the dentist with a 10-month-old.  Well, last winter when I was in with Trajan, I happened to mention that he had a brother now who was a preemie.  The dentist, who we love, said that there can be some issues with the enamel on the teeth of preemies and so he likes to see them by one year to get everyone on the same page, establish good habits and just to get a baseline on their mouths. 

He really wasn't as starled/distressed as that picture looks like, but I love the idea of, "you're going to do what to my tooth??!"

He actually was amazing about it.  Even got his tooth cleaned!

A couple bits of good news.  First, we apparently have good oral hygiene habits, yeah!  And two, I had thought that the enamel issues would be both baby and adult teeth, but he said that it is more often confined to just the baby teeth and the latter ones at that.

He goes back in six months! 


  1. Wiley, I just noticed you posted a comment on A Handful of Life. Just wanted to tell you, if you have not connected the dots, Gina is my youngest daughter:)
    Glad there was good news about Chiron's teeth. My eldest granddaughter had horrible baby teeth, lost four before she was three. Her adult teeth are beautiful. The nurse at the Dentist's office accused my daughter of putting Amanda down with a bottle. She was breast fed. Ignorant people who make unfounded assumptions are one of my pet peeves.

  2. So, the little girl in the post below the one I posted today is her youngest daughter. Cutest little freckle face I know.

  3. That photo of Chiron in the dentist's chair just made me literally LOL in the office! So funny!!
    I love it.