Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Bits and Pieces

The day started with the classic tale of a boy, his fish and his possessed dog.

This was the first year that Trajan really 100% got the idea of Trick or Treating.  Knew what he was supposed to do and say and what would happen.

Trajan, Chiron and I went down to a neighborhood Halloween party while Paul cleaned up from dinner.  Chiron was charming as Scrappy Doo. 

Trajan, well Trajan's costume was another issue.  He had asked weeks ago (while we were in a Halloween store) to be Super Why.  Once we figured out who that was (hint: he's a super reader), we said sure.  Amazon had a costume and so we ordered.  However, Amazon only had the 3t-4t in their direct shipping.  There was a 4-6 that would be fulfilled by another shipper.  Meant an extra $3.99, but seemed a reasonable price to be more likely to fit. Fast forward two weeks and middle of last week I suddenly realized it hadn't come.  At first they said they would get it by 10/31 (too late for several events) and then they eventually just said they weren't shipping it.  So, I got a Super Why play kit consisting of a mask, cape and wand over-nighted.  

He wore it over more appropriate colors for the first few events, but by last night he was just a kid wearing a small cape with a mask on his forehead over jeans and a t-shirt.

First fun fact: I opted to pick the path that involved climbing up and down hills to access many of the houses.  This may have partially contributed to him requesting a rest and sitting on a curb three times.  In the exact case of the picture above, he sat down and started talking to me about the moon and how he could still see "the darkness of the rest of the moon."

Second fun fact:  I don't know if it's a thing here or if it happens everywhere, but there are a number of Trick or Treaters who get driven into our neighborhood to Trick or Treat.  We came across a particular large group of them that Trajan requested to follow.  He got right in the middle of them and joined with them, talking in Spanish.  And in line with the theme of the night, the discussion seemed to mainly be about la luna.  Was fun seeing him just blend in, Spanish and all.

Third fun fact:  We came across a house where there seemed to be a large gathering of people who were early 20's and Trajan for reasons known only to him decided to say, "Trick or Treat, Man" to them.  Produced great jocularity.  And then I may have made a joke about two of them being in costume as intramural basketball players, so Trajan and I now have new friends.

Fourth fun fact: Trajan asked me why I wasn't Trick or Treating.  I said something to the effect of being too old and so they wouldn't give me any.  His response, "so, the kids have to get the candy for the moms and dads?"  Insightful kid!

Fifth fun fact:  He was great about having to go home and only eating two pieces, but I was amused when I heard him go into the bathroom, exclaim "It's Halloween!" and then pee.  Not sure why this tickled my funny bone, but it did.

Sixth fun fact: There was a house that has a tree growing over the pathway and he battled through it in the center instead of following some stepping stones around.

Seventh fun fact: As he went to sleep he declared "today, I need privacy, because I messed it up again."  I had no clue what that meant, but I resisted investigating when he closed his door.  And for that I'm proud.  Still don't know what it was about... It came on the tale of "because I'm four now, not three, so I do new things now.  I did puppet shows because I was three, but I changed years and am four now and so I do the game of school."  If you know what that means, feel free to explain it to me!

Eighth fun fact:  I let him pick two pieces of the candy to eat before bed and one he chose was Sour Patch Kids.  His expression:

 Ninth fun fact: he actually slept under his sheet and blanket last night, so must have been a serious adventure:
Yup, that's his too-small cape at the foot of the bed.  He also didn't bother to bury himself in babies, so definitely tired.

Tenth fun fact: Perhaps my new favorite Trajanism.  On being told that we needed to head home because of something to the effect of it being the middle of the night: "It's not the middle of the night, it's the thirds of the night!"

Chiron was sleeping and thus doesn't really appear in these tidbits, so here is a bonus of him wearing a hat from his grandparents' mental asylum costumes.


  1. Awww, I can't wait until my boys are little people with thoughts! Right now they are little people with screams. And I SO want to know what he messed up again! Can't you find out for the rest of us? Sheesh.