Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad guys

Trajan has this odd obsession wtih bad guys.  Example comments from the other day:

Are there any places besides Mexico that have bad guys?

I know about bad guys in Mexico, on tv, commercials and movies.

They're people who decided to do bad things.

I don't want to go Mexico until all the bad guys change their minds.
Now, you may be asking yourself, why the obsession with Mexico?  Well, it happened like this.  Trajan wanted to know how all the dinosaurs died, so we started talking about the extinction and the Chicxulub crater came up. He said he wanted to go see this and my mom said she didn't want to go to Mexico currently and so somehow we were on the subject of corruption, drugs and crime in Mexico. 

I'm a little worried we've forever warped his mind by this absolute association of bad guys and Mexico.

That's my antecdote.  My real question is what should I do with this obsession?  Should I buy in and discuss it with him and ways in which people can be bad, how we make decisions and the like?  Should I try to deflect him away from the topic?  Should I just go with no attention, positive or negative, on the topic?

Bad guys. 
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  1. I think Trajan has been talking to my G'ma. She says she never wants to be on the internet. Why? They live in San Antonio and it's too dangerous because it's so close to Mexico.
    Seriously though, at his age a little obsession seems normal. I'd see if it runs it's course for a bit before doing too much. When he talks about it, give him rational and true answers and don't focus on it too much. I bet it'll just go away in time.

  2. Argh! I dread having to handle a situation like this. I hope that you can disentangle Mexico and bad guys in Trajan's mind!