Friday, July 8, 2011

Harry Potter

Harry Potter 7.1 was in the theaters during the time I was in the hospital.  While a friend volunteered to bring a bootleg copy, Paul declared that instead we would just wait because surely the Alamo would have showings of 7.1 before 7.2.  His theory was that it was much better on the big screen and we should do it together.  Collective awwww.

Well, they aren't. Instead, they are doing this. Yes, 21-some-odd hours of back-to-back Harry Potter.  While they have said they didn't sell the whole theater, I still think it makes sense to get there early to get good seats as long as we're going to be there all day, what's another hour?  So going to shoot to be at the South Lamar theater about 3:30. 

You ask, what about the boys, you crazy woman?  Well, Paul is such a super hero that he is getting his dad to come in and watch the boys so he can follow through on my promised, admittedly now much enhanced, Deathly Hallows experience.  I feel pretty and loved and all that.

So, now is the time for scheming.  What to bring?

  • Wear into the theater comfortable clothing: perhaps athletic type pants, tshirt and flip flops?  Yes, a Harry Potter costume might be more appropriate, but less comfortable and who really is going to be caring at 3:30 am?
  • Socks (for cold moments in theater)
  • Sweatshirt
  • Small blanket?
  • Pillow (i thought this was crazy, but they sent out an email explicitly telling people they could) - we are at the location where the arm rests can be lifted up, so hopefully can work with this
  • Medela symphony in car (need to see if it's easiest to run it off the power plug in back or just bring an invertor)
  • Bottles and flanges
  • Cooler?  I'm wondering if I can keep it cool enough in a cooler with ice packs for 24 hours or if I should just throw away the expressed milk
  • Possibly a manual pump and a breastfeeding cover?  I've experimented with them and they seem loud in a quiet room, but maybe in a theater it would be fine?  Not sure if I could do this, but if so it would be much easier.
  • Tennis ball?  Labor never bothered me, so I've never tried them for that, but they do seem like they would be useful to work the kinks out.
I'm going to be sure and do a good solid pump before we leave (so say 2:30 to 3:00 am?) and then hope to only do it every 4-6 hours after that?  I have off work the next day as well, so hopefully can do some intense pumping to make up.  I've had to only pump three times a day for a couple days at a time for work conferences, so I think it will work, but I don't want to do anything stupid.

Anything else I should bring?  I'm assuming I can get enough charge on my phone during the times I'll be pumping given I won't be using it in the movie theater.

Definitely need to write out information for Paul's dad the superhero who is allowing this event to take place.

(I'm actually really excited!)

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