Monday, July 18, 2011

Etsy for Dummies

Is there such a thing?  A good tutorial in how to dig through and use it? 

I have seen blog posts that show getting birthday packs and things from Etsy to create a theme and this sounded like a great idea to me, but when I go and search, there's no real way I'm seeing to dig into the thousands of results well.

We are having Trajan's 4th birthday party at the Austin Children's Museum and he has said he wants a pirate party.  We are having the party after hours on a Saturday, so we can decorate the party room as well as some minor entry stuff. 

I'm thinking a pirate themed happy birthday banner, maybe some stickers for water bottles, pirate-themed gift sacks... In my mind I was open to seeing great things and finding perhaps even more when I searched Etsy, but instead I'm feeling lost.

Any thoughts on how to more competently find stuff or should I resort to my more natural state of barely getting an evite out (still going to evite regardless) and getting a basic birthday cake?


  1. call your friend who can do stuff like that!

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love to "meet" everyone who is reading!

    I usually get my crafty friends to do etsy searches for me. HA! But you are lucky in that my BBFF (best blogfriend) had a pirate party and recommended this etsy shop:

  3. Yes, that is what I was looking for!

    I was talking to a friend earlier today and described what I was looking for as at least "i want labels for water bottles, some sort of signs for the eight tables, a happy birthday banner, and some sort of thematic gift bag or even just sticker for gift bags"...

    This goes beyond it. I may actually succeed in creating a "pirate party" for Trajan!