Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Tidbits II

  • I live with Alf.  And she has a hard life.
  • I love the fact that our boys seem to really enjoy each other.  It's becoming more of a two-way street as Chiron has developed and it just makes me happy.  Yes, I know they will hate each other at times too, but I feel no need to think about that!
  • I have no idea how we would actually do it, but I just had the idea of someday having a birthday party for Trajan themed around Trajan (the typeface) and this made me giggle.
  • I will miss the day that my son wants to hold my hand in the movie theater.
  • Is there such a concept as "rationally paranoid"?
  • I've thought more on the argument of having three or more kids allowing them to support each other in the case of the loss of one and I think it's more than that.  I think it's more lines of support in almost everything, throughout life.
  • Before going out and buying a new pump-in-style, I luckily remembered that our local nursing store will test pumps.  So I took it in and she said it tested perfectly.  It is just not a Symphony.  So, I've made a concentrated effort to pay attention to it and experiment to find what conditions will get me the best results.  First step was I went ahead and changed out the membranes on all of my flanges (doing this every 4-6 months is just generally a good idea and as Chiron is 7 months, I was well overdue).  Second, I have found that for some reason I have more luck with the Pumpin Pals flanges than the Medela ones (I don't find this with the Symphony for some reason).  And third and probably most importantly, I take the time to make sure all connections are tight and the membranes start firmly depressed.  It's still not as good as the Symphony, but I think it is good enough to keep using.
  • I got a call this morning from the pediatricians that Chiron's brain CT was fine, but that one of the pediatricians would be calling me Monday to talk about it and what future monitoring they want to do.  Why Monday?  Well, his normal pediatrician is now almost two weeks overdue, so they are inducing her tomorrow and the other pediatrician in the office is out sick herself.  I'm guessing they are having a bad day today!
  • I love the things we learn through our kids.  I've always hated the fact that if I choose to take a bath, I still have to take a shower after to clean my hair.  Well, after almost four years of washing a child, I suddenly had to the idea to use a cup in the bathtub.  Tada!
  • We are proceeding on a multi-disciplinary front with Trajan re: Mr. Hyde.  He has an appointment with a neurologist on November 2nd, but the pediatrician called and got him on their urgent fill-in list, so hopefully he will get in there earlier.  He has an appointment with the psychologist we had been seeing for play therapy on Tuesday to continue giving her opportunities to work with him and particular in hopes that she can ferret out whether or not he actually has any awareness/memory of the episodes.  Then we are probably taking him to a psychiatrist as well for some other evaluation.  Seems like a lot to me for something that only happens about once a month, but they are of pretty severe intensity and we want to help him to make life as easy as possible, so I think it makes sense.
  • I still haven't written an actual submission for the "whole story" prompt for Hand to Hold as they requested, but I have had one more thought:  
Is this the end of our story?  No.  It's not even the end of Chiron's birth story for how and when we are born impacts all of our lives.  Is there another shoe that will drop?  I don't know, but we never know.  Life is fragile.

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