Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Fourth!

We went up to Dallas for the 4th of July.  Impressively, we succeeded in leaving Friday right after work/school.  This may not sound impressive to you, but having both boys packed and everything organized so we could leave straight from pickups was impressive for me!

We made it to my parents a little before nine on Friday night.  Only hiccup is we were moving which room Trajan was sleeping in and he wasn't going for that two hours after bedtime, so I ended up sleeping in one room with both boys and Paul got a room to himself.

Saturday morning, Paul and I went to meet some friends for brunch with Chiron while Trajan went to swim at my aunts.  Chiron started his patriotic look off:

These activities resulted in two sleepy boys:

We ate some fantastic fajitas my dad made that night and then the boys went to bed.  I went and visited a friend in town that night.

On Sunday, we took both boys to meet up with two friends for brunch.  No pictures taken there, but it was fun.  So was the swimming and fireworks show we hit up that night that I also took no pictures at.

We went to a parade Monday morning.  This was the second year we met up with my first friend (I've known her since I was four months and a week old) and her  kids and family.  I as always didn't take pictures, but I did receive two:

You can tell Paul was really enjoying my picture taking (it was hot by then and he was taking Chiron back to my parents' house).  There was an Apache helicopter there, but Trajan wouldn't let me take his picture with.

So the only 4th of July picture I have of Trajan is with the Hulk after we got back to Austin.  We stopped in at the comic book store on our way to pick up Jack and Gretchen.

Last impressive accomplishment?  Last night I had Trajan asleep by 7:30, just the second night after we got back!  He always stays up later when we are in Dallas because his cousins do and it just doesn't seem worth it to make him go to bed and miss out on two hours of fun.

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