Thursday, July 28, 2011

100 Posts

I know 100 posts is almost nothing for most people, but I think this means I may have achieved a habit of some sort. So now I need to think more seriously about how I should proceed.  I think I should go ahead and move it to a domain (we own quite a few, so what's one more anyway?).  Then it's a question of should I just use blogger on there or make the move to wordpress?  Most of the people I know in real life seem to use wordpress, so I'm kind of leaning that way.  But, I'm about to start on a six week period of a whole lot of travel and a bunch of work that needs to get done too, so instead of even starting my research, I'm going to put an action item on my calendar in October to start the research.

Questions I want to find out include is how would posting from my phone work.  It looks like blogpress works for wordpress as well, so I think that the pictures and video directly from my phone would still work.

If I'm going to make the move, I think I will have to consider aesthetics as well.  And as someone who is completely non-visual, this makes me say ugh.

That's the ramble, now here's the part where I ask questions of those who might be reading this:
  • Is the change worth it?
  • Is there a helpful service to pay someone to move old content from blogger to wordpress to avoid the insane frustrations I've read about from other people with fixing links?
  • Am I right that it's a good idea to make a change earlier rather than later?
  • Can you still easily embed objects from Picasa Web Albums?
  • Would I be better off just keeping on keeping on doing the same rather than adding changes like trying to make a banner and layout or moving to wordpress?
  • Any books or tutorials or the like you recommend I consider during my research phase?

While I'm at it, I think I will ask the comment that has been plaguing me for years:

Why do people set blogs up to require me to click though to see the content? 
My typical response is to normally just click on them and move on down the line in Reader.  For the ones that show the first part of the post (like at least a paragraph), I can almost understand, but the ones who show nothing or just a few words or couple of lines, I just do not get you.  Am I unusual and most people routinely click through and so you get more reads that way? 

This choice just effects those using Reader or another RSS feed, so it seems like a really odd decision to me.

That said, is there any product or service to go through and cheet and get the feed through them and they will send me the whole post instead of just the oddly truncated part?


  1. I am going to hit 100 posts soon too! Yay blogs! I'm no help with the domain thing, but I do like aesthetics :) oh - and as for the clicking through thing... I didn't know mine was like that until you mentioned it. Maybe it's a default for blogger? But mine is fixed now, right?

  2. Though your 100 is over a much shorter period of time... so maybe it's considered more of a habit?

  3. If it's irregular, can it be a habit?

    Yours is making me happy now and putting the whole thing, beginning to end, in my feed :-)

  4. I have little motivation to switch to wordpress. I've investigated, but it just seems so complicated in comparison to blogger. I don't really see any reason to switch.
    As for the feed thing that drives me bonkers and automatically biases me against blogs. I guess I think if people are that concerned about page views and stats then they need to chillax.
    Also, I'm very proud of myself that I've managed to post every single day since starting my blog. Sure some days are more fluff than content, but I've managed to make a habit for myself too :)
    In conclusion, I like you and you are pretty and smell nice.

  5. Meg, gotta tell ya, every single day seems insane to me. But maybe you'll rub off ;-)

  6. I must be really into smileys today.

  7. This is Mike from Be A Good Dad. I could help you with all of that. I've done a bunch of similar type projects. Can you send me your email address through either my "Contact Me" page or over at Be A Good Mom? I would want to talk back and forth to make sure I knew exactly what you wanted and answer all of your questions.

  8. This is the real Beagoodmom! I was reading your post and asked Mike about your questions, so he came over and typed that other comment. I just wanted to chime in and say that I like WordPress and think its pretty easy. Granted, I have never used anything else, and Mike is right here to fix anything for me, but I think its still a good platform. You can also get nice templates for the artistic issue. If you are interested, Mike can get you started. He loves that nerd stuff and he is in a lull right now until school starts in September. I have posted from my iPod, by the way. So I imagine it would work from a smartphone too.